Our consultancy services provide specialised advice on the most cost effective video technology platform to achieve all communications strategies. 

We are experts in helping businesses to identify the benefit around video & visual content communications.

Our consultants work in conjunction with the production team to plan, define and execute all clients' requirements.

With Services Including:

  • Client Relationship Planning & Management

  • Video Multimedia Channels

  • Network & Technology Analysis

  • Business & Communications Strategy

  • Service Workshop & End User Deployment

  • Client Service Account Management

  • Proof of Concept 


As the workplace is ever changing, with many companies moving into the digital transformation space, video communication is becoming more imperative. 

Our consultancy experts help companies across all industries and regions through this transformation; to determine not what leveraging video communication will do for them, but what they can achieve with the technology.

Marver Multimedia focuses first on the core strategic needs of our clients' businesses to determine the best technology required to support their long-term goals.

We help companies confidently address video communications-related decisions and ensure operational models are agile and effective, equipping them to make informative decisions. 


Create engaging-driven video content for conferences, exhibitions, roadshows & product launches. Generating high quality and intelligent leads to accelerate the sales pipeline.

Internal Communications


From inspiring leadership team briefing, company updates to new hire employee on-boarding process and training  & retaining staff through videos designed to drive culture awareness.

Investor Relations

Innovative ways of keeping shareholders & investors informed. With traditional ways such as conference calls  becoming obsolete hence video & visual content is gaining credibility.


Adapting new approach to keeping the team informed whilst eliminating travel & time cost. With video content accessible online any time to share information is crucial.

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