As a global legal firm, it was crucial to provide updates to firm lawyers and clients on urgent changing political events, economical crisis and rulings.



With partners and clients across multiple different regions and time zones, there was a need to find an effective method to quickly cascade information, business issues and communicate real-time updates.  




By leveraging virtual platform they launched a series of webcasts aimed at providing real-time updates and advice.

These webcasts featured audio, video and slide presentations from lawyers and subject matter experts, followed by a live question & answer session.

Additional content such as journals, statements were uploaded into the webcast interface.




"The webcast was the most effective client communications tool we had ever used. Helping us increase opportunities within the business and the benefit of leveraging this tool to our client resulted in the immediate requests for consultations regarding the information given during the webcast, increasing interest and driving demand for our client’s services. Brilliant result."

- John, Global Communications Manager

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