As a leading Information Technology organisation, their UK Customer Development Team has been busy developing innovative ways to educate, inform and train staff in the most cost effective channel, whilst having the ability to promote their products.




A training department has to regularly take sales reps off the road, away from their client to attend in-person weekly training sessions.

Our client was exploring a number of web-based platforms that was intuitive enough to mirror the current in-person training into a highly engaging web-based application. 




The trainers pre-recorded a video alongside with a presentation and included a short ten minutes live demonstration of each product line.

This was then made available on-demand, allowing the sales reps to view the webcast on the go, in a coffee shop waiting for their next meeting or at the time convenience for them.




"As a result, we moved our entire core weekly training sessions into a digital learning hub, and saved nearly 50% of our training budget whilst empowering the sales team to be more knowledgeable when advising clients on our product services portfolio. And finally offering certification for all product program completed as part of the overall professional development learning process..."

— Steve, Training & Development Manager

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