Our broadcast services is designed to support studio and location broadcast production across a wide variety of technologies.
We provide corporate media services to organisation for informing, inspiring, engaging and educating their employees, clients and partners.

Our team offers support services such as interconnection and technical services consisting of the scheduling and logging of satellite feeds, technical evaluation and other pre-transmission processing of video for live event coverage.


With Services Including:


  • Camera Crew & Production

  • Encoding & Vision Mixing

  • Multiple Video Point Connection

  • Real-time Language Translation

  • Satellite Trucks & Dedicated Line

  • Multiple Video Connection

  • Motion Graphics & Animation




Our clients trust us to provide any type of live broadcast services using any web-based interface such as clients’ website, YouTube, FaceBook and so on.

Rather than having to deal with the daunting challenges around the pay per viewer/click or per hour, we offer an inclusive service

For one to many communication, you can expand the reach of your globally dispersed audience without any limitation on the number of simultaneous access or technology.

We transmit high definition live video content to large screens at venues, conference or exhibitions and any type of computers, tablets and smart mobile devices anywhere in the world



Innovative product campaign like no other, educate the relevant team internally to empower success with your product or service portfolio.


Internal Communications

Influence internal conversations, share vision and learn from your employees. Create inspiring content and experiences, become internally proactive.


Investor Relations

Keep shareholders & investors informed. Create transparency, trust and credibility with highly influential stakeholders.


Human Resource

Attract world class talent, create empowering on-boarding, educate and retain staff through learning and development processes.