As a leading pharmaceutical corporation, our client's marketing strategy was to globally extend information sharing, clinical research updates and promoting innovative drugs.



Regularly hosting costly in-person conferences and having to fly delegates from all over the world. With an audience limited to the size of a room, our clients wanted to reach out to a larger audience.

The project launched was to drive down the cost of travel and other expenses to host these conferences.



Our Video Webcast solution allowed them to engage with remote attendees who could still interact using tools like such as survey & polls, submitting questions during the event and even download different types of content.

Then, for anyone who could not attend on the day, an on-demand version was made available. 



"They were able to achieve a reduction of cost per attendee by nearly 30% and ensured a consistent message was delivered across the globe. Also, with our webcast reporting capabilities, our client could gain valuable insight on the attendees during the live events as well as on-demand version. The data captured from the reporting analytics helped their sales force target opportunities more strategically."

—  Alannah, Strategic Communications Director

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