With numerous local authorities across the Borough of London our client was determined to give its community the kind of service they feel they deserved as taxpayers.

In order to achieve this, the council was determined to encourage greater public involvement and participation on all plans, which would impact their welfare.




With regular council meetings held on a regular basis addressing different topics ranging from full council, planning committee, to licensing Committee, health scrutiny committee and so on, the democratic services team’s role is to ultimately connect, communicate and share information with the public.

The team was seeking to make it easier for busy residents to stay in touch with important decisions that affect them. The challenge was finding a technology that would provide the best platform to achieve this vision.




By embracing digital media technology, we were able to bridge the connection gap with the community and provide a transparent approach of the council’s commitment to the welfare of the public.

With both built-in and manned HD camera, we were able to capture the meetings and stream them live through the internet, whilst embedding the footage onto our council meetings website.

The member of the public and residents within the local borough were able to watch the video webcast live or on-demand, download information, get to know more about the committee members & give feedback and comments.



""For us, the public are our ultimate stakeholders and our job is to ensure we share information, listen to the community, acknowledge & address everyone’s thoughts and comments. With this webcast platform, we can happily say we have achieved this and the feedback from our community has been tremendously wonderful.""

- Dianne, Committee Services Manager, Democratic Services

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