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Corporate Video Demo Example

Company Background:

HCB helps those involved in the transport and storage of dangerous goods to keep up to date with changing regulations. Their magazine covers the transport of all kinds of dangerous goods, but particularly liquid chemicals, liquefied gases, explosives and radioactive materials.

Video Objective:

Create a corporate video to relaunch its brand identity, showcasing the 35th years journey of the world's leading transport publication organisation and supporting its clients & their industry, with a global footprint.

​Visual Concept:

We built a timeline-mapping story to showcase how the business has grown over the years whilst highlighting the driving force of their brand, its employees and the overall business continuity to help organisation make the best informed decisions within their relevant space. Using Motion Graphic, Brand Imagery, Aerial videography and conducting interviews with subject matter experts, key management staff and other key employees.

Promotional Video Demo Example

Company Background:

Benefit is a cosmetics manufacturing company and has since established its presence with leading retail outlet showcasing its product in their new beauty boutique chain across the UK and USA.

Video Objective:

Finding high quality talent to employ with the right skills to represent the company is a major challenge. The video is to create a short powerful and engaging message to attract talent to the companies.

Visual Concept:

"A day in the role" was a concept we developed to use the company's employees as ambassadors to showcase the benefit of working at the company, the value and commitment of working with them. Using Motion Graphic, Video Shadowing of each role, Shop floor filming and interviews of different employees.

Lot Three: Video Demo Example
Talking Head Video Demo Example

Company Background:

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is a leading authority on Learning & Development for sharing knowledge, bringing together like-minded professionals, and providing practical advice and solutions to the workplace learning sector.


Video Objective:

Create a simple knowledge sharing video with a very influential subject matter expert.

Visual Concept: 

Simple talking head format, with little motion graphic and picture on picture effect to keep focus on the content being delivered.

Aerial Videography: Video Demo Example

Company Background:

Oxford University is a collegiate university, consisting of the central University and colleges. As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is a unique and historic institution. 


Video Objective:

Create a video to display the historic architectural landscape for the campus

Visual Concept: 

Aerial videography, with music

Animated: Video Demo Example

Company Background:

F4E; supports European Union and its members an open opportunity for companies to supply business within the EU. 


Video Objective:

Create an explainer video to offer a step by step guide to submitting a business tender for service required

Visual Concept: 

Hand sketched animation with voice over

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