The webinar solutions support two-way collaborative meetings, offering the ability to use a plug-in application based interface to connect to your audience and work collectively with your team to sharing ideas, content, and knowledge. 

With interactive tool such as two-way audio, video webcam or VoIP connection going the ability for both the presenters and the audience to see and hear each other.

These fully interactive and engaging features allows communication verbally and also online using chat, annotation, whiteboard, emoticons and Q&A functionalities.

With Services Including:

  • Project Management & Planning

  • Technical Direction Support

  • Audio Visual Team

  • Client Liaison Management

  • Web Event Production

  • Post Web Support & Reporting Analytics



Webinar, which webinar providers prefer to tag as a web conferencing, is specifically designed for some online meeting where branding, customised registration, multimedia & interactive playback feature is not a must-have.

For companies with firewall restrictions within their network, where flash-based applications are not permitted, our webinar service offers a plug-in tool with no impact on the internal network.

Our web confereincing service can be viewed live or on-demand on any device, any where, any time.

Webinar Webcast - Webcast Webinar Struggling to Know the Difference? We Can Help

Marketing Team

Simplify the way you engage with your globally dispersed team on upcoming project and work collective to achieve your goals and marketing objective quick and simple.

Internal Communications


Before any impactful announcement, company update and leadership briefs, ensure your team are collaborating to ensure the success of all organisational aspect of the message.


Sales Management

Weekly sales meeting, monthly performance indicator update and quarterly review update is crucial when leading the success of your busines through your gloabl-tretting team, keep me empower and informed.